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Alan Gratz


Fiction | Novel | YA | Published in 2019

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Answer Key

Chapters 1-15

Reading Check

1. His real name is Dietrich Zimmermann and he is German (Chapter 1)

2. The disappearance of Uncle Otto (Chapter 2)

3. “Day-Day” or “the starting day” (Chapter 3)

4. He was killed in a protest against the Nazis in 1940. (Chapter 4)

5. The French Resistance fighters, and their code names of based on Greek mythological characters (Chapter 7)

6. The stray dog that befriends Samira (Chapter 8)

Short Answer

1. Dee is blond and looks young for his age of 16, while Sid is tall and strong for his age. The boys are united by their uniform, and their hatred for the New York Yankees baseball team. (Chapter 1)

2. Dee changed his birth certificate so he could enlist. The recruitment officer suggests he Americanize his name so in case he is caught by the Germans, they won’t know his country of birth. (Chapter 2)

3. They are a mother daughter from Algeria living in northern France. Kenza is a spy for the French Resistance. Kenza is arrested by Nazis soldiers as she is helping French farmers, and Samira resolves to find her mother.